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TV80 Polyester Catalyst



  • General use.
  • 30 min pot life.
  • Contains Peroxide (Special Shipping required).
  • This Product is currently unavailable.

Here is the Polyester finishes we stock and the ratio of use:

PI50 Polyester White Base Coat 2%(by weight) or 2.6%(by vol.) General
PI30 Polyester White Base Coat 2%(by weight) or 2.7%(by vol.) General
TGS512 Polyester Clear Base Coat 2%(by weight) or 1.9%(by vol.) General

This is a Polyester Catalyst that contains Peroxide and is necessary for doing a Polyester finish. Polyester finishes have the most chemical resistance and are the hardest. Ideal for High Gloss result.

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TV80 Safety Data Sheet

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