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TO00 / TO01 / TO02 / TO03 / TO04 / TO05 / TO06 / TO07 Polyurethane Clear Top Coat



  • 5%,10%,15%,25%,35%,50%,70% & 100% Gloss.
  • General Use.
  • Strong long lasting finish.
  • Best for Closed Pore effect.
  • Can be used as a top coat.
  • 50%(by weight) or 50.1%(by vol.) of TX50 Hardener to be added.
  • 20%(by weight) or 22%(by vol.) of TZ33 Thinner to be added.
  • Application: Airmix Spray/Hand Spray.

ILVA is the Highest Quality Italian wood coatings producer.
Polyutherane top coats have good chemical resistance and a smooth flawless finish with high filling power. 

Alternative products to be added optionally:
For Good Elasticity change hardener to:

  • TX24 Hardener 50%(weight) or 51.1%(in Vol). 


    Alternative products to be added optionally:
    For Higher Yellowing resistance change hardener to:

    • TX72 Hardener 50%(weight) or 51.1%(in Vol).


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      TO00 Safety Data Sheet  TO01 Safety Data Sheet

      TO02 Safety Data Sheet  TO03 Safety Data Sheet

      TO04 Safety Data Sheet  TO05 Safety Data Sheet

      TO06 Safety Data Sheet  TO07 Safety Data Sheet

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