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TF25 Polyurethane Clear Insulator



  • High quality Insulator.
  • For any type of strange surface.
  • For Exotic wood.
  • For MDF.
  • Clear in colour.
  • Acts as a barrier against moisture.
  • Minimises reaction between surface and coating.
  • For Light and dark hardwood.
  • 10%(by weight) or 9.8%(by vol.) of TV19 Hardener to be added.
  • 30%(by weight) or 32%(by vol.) of TZ35 Thinner to be added.
  • Application: Airmix Spray/Hand Spray.

This product should be used if unsure of what type of surface you have, or any strange surface that may compromise the end result of the finish. It guarantees good bonding and minimising of any reaction from the surface to the coating. Can be used on top of precious coats and with any type of coating (Acrylic, Polyurethane, Waterbourne and Polyester). This product is also ideal to use if you want to create a protective coat against moisture, bathrooms, kitchens etc. It works as a precut Base Coat and acts as a barrier layer. 


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TF25 Safety Data Sheet

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