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TA02 Polyurethane Clear Base Coat



  • General Use.
  • Easy and flawless application.
  • Ok filling power.
  • Medium Transparency.
  • 50%(by weight) or 51%(by vol.) of TX50 Hardener to be added.
  • 20%(by weight) or 23%(by vol.) of TZ33 Thinner to be added.
  • Application: Airless Spray(for automatic plants)/Curtain/Hand Spray.

    ILVA is the Highest Quality Italian wood coatings producer.
    Polyurethane base coats are versitile and have high chemical resistance and closed pore coverage, to ensure a good base for a smooth and flawless finish.

    Alternative products to be added optionally:

    For Higher Yellowing resistance change hardener to:
    • TX72 Hardener 50%(weight) or 51%(in Vol).

    For Higher Elasticity change hardener to:
    • TX24 Hardener 50%(weight) or 51%(in Vol).


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