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Lightning Packaging

SWC25500BLACK Cast Black Film, 500mm width



  • Our high performance cast stretch film.
  • Available in 25 micron.
  • Black colour.

Our high performance cast stretch film is perfect for securing and stabilising palletised loads. The packaging film caters to a wide array of objects.

This high clarity stretch wrap is the ultimate polythene packaging, ideal for items that must be checked regularly while stored or shipped. Supplied on hand rolls, it is best applied using a hand tool.

Because it only sticks to itself, cast stretch film allows quieter application than other pallet wrapping. Made from durable polythene, it is high tack and a reliably protective material.

The function and performance of this stretch wrap film suits many industries and work areas. As it is made from strong and durable polythene material, cast stretch film makes an ideal packing film suitable for pallet wrapping. It is also invaluable in storage operations as it efficiently secures palletised loads and keeps them in place.

A popular choice in the food industry, the wrapping film has a high clarity glossy feature which makes monitoring its wrapped loads in transit easier. Its superb strength also resists tears and punctures while protecting goods from water, dirt and dust.

Flexible to use, the shrink wrap film helps make the workplace more congenial as it can be dispensed quietly. 

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