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PMT12 / PMT19 / PMT25 / PMT38 / PMT50 Scotch2120 Paper Masking Tapes 1pc or Box Sets(Various Widths)



  • This high adhesion no residue tape is the favorite amongst professionals.
  • General Purpose Paper Masking Tape.
  • Comes in a variety of Widths, Single or in Box sets.

This low tack masking tape is easy to tear off for use, bonds firmly. This makes it ideal an ideal even for delicate surfaces. Masking tape is particularly useful to protect areas or temporarily hold something in place. Traditionally used by decorators it has many other uses in other business sectors.

Easy to tear off the roll, this paper tape sticks quickly and, when needed, can be removed fast without leaving any residue, thus helping to produce a professional paint finish. The masking tape has a great holding power, so can be used on various dry and clean surfaces (regardless of shape). It sticks to glass, metal, woodwork, paper and furniture. It is also practical to use when you need to hold in place a piece of paper temporarily and remove it without any marks left, such as when photocopying or arranging artwork.

The versatility and reliability of these paper tapes is quite remarkable. It makes them really useful items in business, education, or other sectors.

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