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PIS5A09 Polyester White Base Coat



  • Highest Quality.
  • Good filling power.
  • More plasticity and hardness. (More Resin)
  • Closed Pore effect.
  • High Solid Content.
  • 2%(by weight) or 2.4%(by vol.) of TV80 Catalyst to be added -  unavailable right now.
  • 2%(by weight) or 3.0%(by vol.) of TV72 Accelerator to be added.
  • 10%(by weight) or 17%(by vol.) of TZ03 Thinner to be added.
  • Application: Airless Spray/Airmix Spray/Hand Spray/Robot Spray.

ILVA is the Highest Quality Italian wood coatings producer.
Polyester Basecoats are ideal for High Gloss finishes, as they provide a solid base for the gloss to sit on without caving in or creating imperfections. 

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PIS5A09 Safety Data Sheet

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