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PF50 / PF5B / PF51 Series Waterborne or Solvent Stain Dyes



  • Waterborne or Solvent Stain dye range.
  • Staining of the wood, leaving the grains light.
  • Comes in a range of colours for mixing.
  • A range of effects achieved with experimentation.
  • A starter kit for convenience of using either water or solvent as a base.
  • A specific white for solvent and another for waterborne.

ILVA provides you with a range of Stain dyes that can be waterborne or solvent based and can have a range of effects and colours depending on how they are mixed. These dyes colour the top layers of the wood leaving the grain light. This is a great product to experiment with different types of effects through adding different bases. 

Colour Series:
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White for Solvent Based:
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White for Water Based:
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