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HSA6457 Waterborne Natural Look Special Effect Clear Base Coat/Top Coat 4% Gloss (for Hand Roll and Spray)



  • Can be applied by a Hand Roller or Airmix Spray/Curtain Coater/Hand Spray.
  • Natural feel and look.
  • 4% gloss.
  • Waterbased Product.
  • Self Sealer or Top Coat. (No basecoat needed- just apply layers of this product).
  • Almost no colour change of the wood.
  • Best suited for Beech, Walnut, Oak, Veneer, Solid Wood.
  • If required thin with water up to 5%(max).
  • Add TXW08 Hardener at 5% by weight.
  • Add up to 5% water to thin if need be.

This is one of the most innovative products that ILVA offer. This waterbased natural look coat looks and feels like untreated wood, however, gives it the protective coat it needs. This product is a self-sealer, which means you don't need to use a base coat under it, just layer this product over itself. It can also be applied to the product at a later stage, just by cleaning the surface and reapplying without having to prep the surface again. Being waterbased, it is environmentally friendly.


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