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FMT6500/1.2 LVLP Air Gravity Feed Paint Spray Gun 1.2mm, 600cc Pot



  • 1.2mm Nozzle Tip.
  • 600cc Pot.
  • HVLP performance with less air requirements.
  • Very low overspray levels.
  • Automotive, industrial, joinery and other painters with smaller compressors. Can achieve totally  professional results, painting a whole car or large surface without stopping.
  • LVLP is ideal for smart repairers due to smaller air requirements and low overspray.
  • The secret of LVLP technology is the precision air-cap design allowing maximum atomisation using a lower volume of air.
  • LVLP spray guns have the highest material savings of all guns with excellent control.
  • FMT6500 gun body is produced from die-cast aluminium- carefully. machined to the highest tolerances.
  • Top quality anodised surface finish.
  • Fluid nozzle and needle precisely manufactured from stainless steel.
  • High tech brass air-cap design ensures maximum atomisation coupled with long life.
  • Teflon seals are acid and alkali proof and contribute to less service downtime.
  • Built in air fluid regulators along with spray pattern control device.
  • Suitable for use with all complaint paint products, both solvent and water-based.
  • Every spray gun is hand finished to ensure superior performance. 

Our flagship LVLP Gravity feed spray gun, this gun is made to the highest of standards and will enable the sprayer to achieve very high-quality paintwork LVLP means less air at a less pressure so less overspray and more eco-friendly and more cost effective.


Technical Information

  • Air Inlet: 1/4 Fluid.
  • Inlet: M16x1.5P Gun.
  • Weight: 450gs - Max. Pattern.
  • Width: 350mm or 68%+/- Max.
  • Air Consumption: 220L/min - Stainless steel fluid nozzle and needle.
  • Working Pressure: 2.0 Bar 1.3mm Aircap 87% efficiency transfer.

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