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TXW11 Waterborne Hardener/also for Special effects Natural Look



  • Hardener to be used for Waterborne Products.
  • Adds Chemical resistance.

Here is the Waterbased finishes we stock and the ratio of use:

    TW18 Waterbourne Natural Look Special Effect Clear Base Coat/Top Coat 5%(by weight) or 4.4%(by vol.) General Use
    WAS5A01 Waterborne White Base Coat 10%(by weight) or 11.5%(by vol.) General Use
    PW710/10 Waterborne White Top Coat/Converter 10%(weight) or 11.1%(in Vol).
    Good chemical resistance

    This is a hardener to be used for Waterborne Special Effect Natural Look Clear top coat. This is a unique product that has the most natural feel and look, whilst protecting the surface and being waterbased for ease of application.


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