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TS18 Acrylic Natural Look Special Effect Clear Base Coat/Top Coat, 3% Gloss



  • All Natural feel and look.
  • 3% gloss.
  • Self Sealer or Top Coat. (No basecoat needed- just apply layers of this product).
  • Great chemical resistance.
  • Minimal colour change of the wood.
  • 25%(by weight) or 24%(by vol.) of TX90 Hardener to be added.
  • 40%(by weight) or 42%(by vol.) of TZ3648 Thinner to be added.
  • Application: Airmix Spray/Robot Spray/Curtain Coater/Hand Spray.

This is one of the most innovative products that ILVA offer. This Acrylic Natural look coat gives a very minimal difference in colour and texture of the wood whilst giving it a great protective coat it needs.


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