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5240800 - 5242000 Sanding Disks 15 Holes (Grit Range p800 - p2000)



  • YellowFilm.
  • Grit Range: p800, p1000, p1200, p1500 & p2000.
  • 15 Holes.
  • Super-Tack (velour) backing.
  • Top-coat Sanding.
  • Removes Orange Peel, Nibs, and Runs.
  • Light scuffing before painting.
  • Fast Cutting, Longer Disc Life.
  • Flexible Film Backing.
  • Uniform Finishes.

A perfect Topcoat Dry Sanding disc that features the most Uniform Finishes and Fastest Cutting Speed.

Over-runs, dust nibs and excessive orange peel can now be removed effortlessly with Eagle SUPER-TACK Yellow-Film discs. Made with the highest quality and most uniform abrasive minerals, these discs cut extremely fast and leave a finish that easily polishes to a showroom shine. High performance discs are clog free and long lasting. It is also ideal for light scuff sanding before painting. Quality Hook & Loop system provides cooler sanding and the convenience of easy on and easy off from disc pad.

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