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5230120 - 5230600 Sanding Disks 15 Holes (p120 - p600 Grit Range)



  • Maxfilm.
  • 15 Holes.
  • Grit Range: p120, p150, p180, p220, p240, p280, p320, p360, p400, p500 & p600.
  • Super-Tack (velour) backing.
  • Extremely Fast Cutting.
  • Extended paper life.
  • Uniform Finish.
  • Highly Resistant to Clogging.
  • Consistent High Performance.
  • Best for Mid-range Sanding.

Even the toughest E-Coat will not stop these Ultra High-Performance MaxFilm discs from cutting through. The long life, fast cut and uniform finish will keep your shop at Maximum efficiency. Discs are vacuum-assist ready.

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