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50388 PERFECT IT III Ultrafina SE High Gloss Polishing Pad 2Pack



  • This is a high gloss pad is ideal for final polishing.
  • This is the pad recommended by 3M for use with 3M Perfect it III™ Ultrafina SE Polish as these pads ensure all swirl and hologram marks are eliminated.
  • Pad to be used with a machine polisher and Ultrafina Polish.
  • Long lasting waffle foam.
  • Easy attachment to 3M Back-Up Pads.
Even though this pad was developed by 3M to match their Ultrafina Polish, we've found it to work exceptionally well with all finishing polishes. Greater coverage without drying up: Formulated to stay wet in use, 3M Perfect-It Fast Cut XL allows compounding of large areas without drying up and is also ideal for use in warmer weather. Superior cut: Enjoy the benefits of 3M Perfect-It Fast Cut XL without compromising performance. Experience an aggressive cut, providing speed and ease of useReduced compound splatter and easy cleanup: The oily composite minimises clean up through preventing splatter onto adjacent panels. Easy to wipe-down, making removal of excess product quick and simple. Part of the Colour Coded polishing and compound range: The 3M Perfect-It Range has been designed to enable virtually all paint defect rectification to be carried out with ease and confidence. All of our polishes and compounds are colour-coded against our polishing pads to make product selection quick and easy.

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