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20C50 AIRMIX® Airless Paint Pump System, Wall Mounted



  • Includes Xcite Spray Gun/Pump Filter/Suction System.
  • Excludes - Spray tip. See Separate price (Many sizes available).
  • Max 50cc per cycle - 20:1 Ratio.
  • Ideal for Airmix® applications.
  • High efficiency pump for maximum energy savings.
  • Optimized construction for simple & quick maintenance.

This paint pump is the perfect pump for Airmix® applications by providing exceptional performance.



  • Economical with low air consumption.
  • Quiet air motor to preserve work environment.


  • Construction without dead zones for quick flushing & product changes.
  • The mobile seal located on the piston ensures the mechanical cleaning of the fluid section internal wall during pump runs.
  • Lower mobile single lip packing (GT) reducing friction for improved efficiency.


  • Fewer parts & simple design for extended lifetime.
  • Polyfluid and PTFE graphite seal for improved wear resistance. 
  • Triple chrome layer piston for exceptional durability.

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