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AIR250 Twin Air Paint with Drying Guns on Stand



The Airmaster is a flexible and lightweight water based paint drying stand two demountable drying guns.

Simply connect the stand to an air supply, flick the switch on the bottom of the gun and position the jet of air flowing from the gun towards the newly painted panel and leave it to dry.

The drying guns increase the airflow from the compressor by using a venturi system so this makes the guns very effective and economical to run, efficient too: they will amplify the air flow by up to 15%.

Get a stand installed into your Paintshop and reduce your drying times now! Stand is very lightweight and can be moved around the Paintshop easily.

The guns can be adjusted in height and width and be tilted to be positioned towards the newly painted panel.

The stand can then be rotated through 90 degrees so the guns can be positioned over the bonnet or roof.


Technical Information

  • Coiled Air Hose Length 7.5m
  • Working Pressure 43-73PSI/3-5BAR per gun
  • Air Consumption 12.3CFM per gun
  • Air Inlet 1/4”
  • Gun Max Pressure 100PSI/7BAR


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